The Influence of Fry and Drew

Jane and Max on beach in N Wales

On Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October 2013, the Liverpool School of Architecture held a conference on ‘The Influence of Fry and Drew’. Many thanks to all who attended.

Download the conference proceedings here: Fry & Drew Programme

  1. Maristella Casciato, Associate Director Research, CCA Montreal said:

    Hi Jessica and Iain. This is Maristella Casciato from the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal.
    We have been in touch before, then I could not amke to come to London and give you a visit.
    I believe that we could find a way for a collaboration considering that PJ’s papers on Chandigarh are colelcted at the CCA.
    Let’s keep in touch for further plans and ideas.
    Best, Maristella

    • Hi Maristella
      Thanks for your message, it’s good to hear from you. A F&D / PJ collaboration would be great – please email us if you have any thoughts. Hope you can make it to the conference. Best wishes, Jessica.

  2. Dear Ms Holland,
    The description of the call for papers seems rather broad. I know Frey and Drew mainly through the excellent book on Chandigarh which was published a few years ago, and naturally through their involvement with the RIBA yearbooks which were printed from 1945 onwards. The connection with Catalano seems interesting – as I would have to conduct my research from the US. Obliquely related, but something I have been wanting to look at earlier, would be to write about the Atelier 5 housing which was erected in London and how it compares to the rest of their oeuvre.
    I suspect it would be preferable to stay closer on topic?
    Finally, I am a practitioner with teaching experience, so I do not have the backing of an institution. Will that be a problem?

    • Thanks for your query. The conference aims to highlight Fry and Drew’s lengthy and diverse careers, so the cfp is deliberately broad. A paper looking at any aspect of their significance (together or individually) and/or their influence would be of interest. The topics you mention would all seem to address this.
      The call for papers is open to all – practitioners are most welcome.
      Best wishes, Jessica.

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